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gustavo cerbasi livros pdf downloadbooksks Translation of "TODOs" - 1. Port the spock script to the launcher. 2. Can't figure out how to drag files from the local linux system to the server. The only way I can do that is to use the windows explorer and drag them from there to the server. 3. Can't figure out how to use the spacebar to select multiple files. I have to first press ctrl to select, then press space to select them. 4. Still can't figure out how to paste text in server system. The only way I can do that is to copy the text from windows explorer, open the console, paste, save, then click on the text I just pasted to paste it again in the textbox. 5. Can't find a way to add links to the server. There is only an add button, but it doesn't add anything. 6. The icon in the taskbar for server is missing. 7. Can't figure out how to make other linux users in the group be added as a login option when they open the server. 8. The icon that appears when you are connected to the server but the server is not open. 9. Can't figure out how to make the server use a different proxy. 10. Can't figure out how to keep the launcher open when I am editing the scripts. 11. Can't figure out how to open the server from the console. When I right click on it in the console, all I get is "options" which opens the options dialog. If I select "open with server manager" it opens the server manager. But if I double click the file or select "open with server manager" I get an error that it is already open. 12. When I load the server, I can't save changes from the console. 13. When I load the server, the options tab is not available. 14. be359ba680

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